Alive and mostly well in Shanghai

After a brutal 17 hour journey, I finally made it to my hotel in Shanghai. After a weekend long going away party, followed by 17 hours of traveling, I was, and still am, beat. Luckily I arrived at midnight Shanghai time, so I was able to collapse and fall asleep, then wake with the sun up. I don’t think jet lag will be an issue. My first impression of Shanghai – It’s freakin HUGE. From my hotel window there are high rises as far as i can see in all directions. Also, from my window I can look down and see the damn work crew that’s been running jackhammers all night long in the construction site across the street… So far the language issues hasn’t been too much of a problem. Everyone seems to speak at least a little english. I’m sure that will change the farther I get from the city. It’ll be a crash course in Mandarin for me.