Chillin’ In Tunxi

Currently it’s about 12:30pm Sunday and I’m waiting for my laundry to dry. Good time to play catchup on this blog thingy. While I’m waiting, I’m enjoying two different kinds of Lay’s potato chips that I purchased at the store next door to the hostel — Italian Red Meat flavor, and, from the “Natural & Cool” line, Blueberry flavor. I can’t say there’s anything natural tasting about salty, artificial blueberry flavored potato chips. To wash down the chips, I’m enjoying a warm Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy. Even though it’s warm, it’s nice to have something other than the completely watered down Chinese beer that is so prevalent. I’ve decided to start working on a new section of the site – beer reviews from around the world. At the rate I’m developing this site, you might see some entries by the time I get to Nepal….

I’m currently staying in the Huangshan International Youth Hostel in the city of Tunxi, in the provence of Anhui. About 70km north of here is Huang Shan – one of the “10 best sites in China” according to Lonely Planet. Huang Shan translates to “Yellow Mountain”. These are the famous pointed mountain peaks in countless Chinese paintings, and are particularly spectacular when the valleys fill up with fog, so that only the peaks stick out when viewed from the top. Take a look here. I plan to hike up the Eastern Stair – a 7.5km hike to the top, and then stay at a hostel on top of the mountain for the night. If I’m lucky, I’ll see the sunrise in the morning, and if I’m super lucky, I’ll see the sunrise with clouds in the valleys below. Unfortunately during most of my trip it’s been cloudy and overcast, with occasional heavy rain.

Also nearby Tunxi are two ancient villages, Xidi Village, Hongcun Village, both of which are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hostel runs a day tour to the villages so I’ll most likely do that tomorrow, and then Yellow Mountain on Tuesday.