Heading Out of Tunxi

I’ve been in this town for 5 days now and it’s past time to get moving. I’ll be boarding a train heading to Nánchāng – a city southwest of here in the Jiāngxī province at about 9pm tonight. It’s a 9 hour trip, so I hope I’m able to get some sleep. The rain has finally mellowed out here, but still there’s not much to do. I went to Huang Shan yesterday, and it was incredible. It rained the whole time, but at least it was cool, and probably kept the number of tourists down, though there were still an amazing amount of people on the mountain. I’ve got some great pics and some video to post, Which is why I’ll be spending the next couple of days hiding from everyone and everything in a nicer hotel – a private room for a change, hopefully with a working toilet – and catching up on the site. Supposedly the place has high speed internet. Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it….

After Nánchāng, I’ll continue to work my way south, perhaps to Hong Kong for a few days, and then start my trip across the Southwest of China to Yúnnán, and eventually up into Tibet, and on to Nepal.