Hiding Out In Nanchang

Well it’s Sunday, 18:04. I’ve been hiding out in my hotel in Nanchang, working on the site & uploading pictures, for the last three days. I had a feeling that the “broad band connection” advertised by the hotel would not exactly be fast. However, it’s definitely the fastest connection I’ve had in China so far. Still, It takes about a minute or more to upload each picture. It’s seriously painful – and my butt hurts from sitting on this damn chair for 3 days. But I do feel like I’ve gotten a lot done here. Of course I have a gazillion more pictures to post, but whatever I can’t get done tonight and tomorrow will have to wait.

Tomorrow evening I’m taking an overnight train south to Guangzhou. I hope it’s nicer than my overnight train from Tunxi – the ticket was about 3 times the price, and it’s about the same amount of time. Actually the train from Tunxi wasn’t too bad. I had a “hard sleeper” and had the bottom bunk. I slept well enough, and awoke to see a couple of roaches hanging out on my neighbors bunk whilst he was still sleeping. Hey, at least it wasn’t my bunk…

I chose this town to hide out in because there’s not much going on here (at least according to Lonely Planet). I say town, but there are 2 million people living here – more than twice the size of San Francisco, but that’s pretty small for China. It has been nice to stay in my own room, on a bed that actually has a mattress, and to have a working toilet. Ah, luxury!! Also, the hotel happens to be located next to “The Metro” a large discount store, similar to Costco. In this store they sell foreign food items. I was able to purchase orange juice, a mechanical pencil with extra lead, hair conditioner, German “Russian Style” pickles, and REAL BEER from Belgium (not cheap).

As an added bonus, I’ve been able to stream NPR all weekend. I got to listen to Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and This American Life. I’ve been streaming KQED, so it’s nice to know that San Francisco is still there – and is sounds cold and foggy… Oh I miss it! I could go for some cold fog about now. Of course I’m heading south, so it’s just going to get hotter.

I plan to spend two or three days in Guangzhou, then hop a train to Hong Kong for a while. I’m ready to get out and start seeing some things, and hit a few night spots. After Hong Kong, I need to get moving west towards Yunnan & Tibet.

Well that’s my update. Like I said, I’ve been hiding out & working, so there’s not much else to report. Hopefully more exciting things await.