Last Night In Hong Kong

Well it’s been a long vacation from China, but it’s time to get back, and get moving. HK has been great. From day one, I knew I’d like this city. It’s got everything – food, entertainment, night life, beautiful parks, hiking, an incredible public transit system, and a diverse liberal population. Kind of like San Francisco, but 10 times the size, and even more expensive. But this is definitely a town I would enjoy living in.

PizzaWhile here I’ve managed to not eat a single Chinese meal (sorry to all the Chinese food fans reading…). I’ve had pretty good Mexican food twice, pretty good pizza twice, pretty good Italian (non-pizza) once, pretty good sushi once, good Indian once, great fish and chips for lunch today, and not so great, but cheap, Turkish this eve. I’m sure if I lived here, I’d know where to find the best of all these cuisines.

DJ JohnathanAlso while here, I went to a drum ‘n’ bass party & met a bunch of locals, went to some underground place called the Buddha Lounge and met more locals (weird DJ’s though), hung out in the club/bar scene of Lan Kwai Fong, and tonight I plan to go check out live Jazz at a club down the street from the hotel. Unfortunately I was not able to find any Psychedelic Trance in Hong Kong. Again, if I lived here, I’m sure I would find the Psy scene, or at least try to help start one.lan-kwai-fong

As for non-party activities, I’ve checked out the Honk Kong Museum of Art, went to the Big Buddha over on Lantau Island, took the tram up to Victoria Peak, hiked around Hong Kong Park, and the zoo, took an endless series of escalators and raised walkways (called the Central to Midlevels Escalators) way up the mountain side on HK Island, and did my fair share of traveling around town shopping for things I know I can’t get in China.

There are some odd things about the city though. I’ve noticed that all the public transportation seems to funnel you into a mall. In fact even some of the subway stations are giant malls themselves. There are also more 7-11’s in HK than coffee shops in Seattle. Every block seems to have at least one, but more likely 3 or 4 7-11’s. Starbucks is just as prevalent here, as in any city in the states. I’ve never seen so many Body Shop stores in my life. And everywhere you look it’s brands brands brands! It’s like malls and shopping streets in the states, but much more intense.

One of the cool things is that since the subway stations are all connected to, or are malls, you can pretty much walk across the city without leaving the air conditioned underground. I’m starting to get good at navigating the sub-terrainian shopping centers so that I don’t end up at my destination entirely soaked in sweat.

But now it’s time to leave this fantasy land and get back to reality in China. My wallet will definitely thank me for getting out of this place! Well with that, it’s time to start packing a bit before heading out for the evening.