Sick, Missing Burning Man, But Getting Things Done

I’m hanging out in my hostel in Dali, and have been for the last 3 days or so. I got hit with a sore throat and fever, but today I’ve finally come out of it. Of course being stuck inside has given me a great opportunity to catch up on image processing. I’ve processed and ftp’d over 350 images, plus their thumbnails, to the site. However, now I need to manually create a “node” for each of the images (ah, Drupal… Why did I go with this solution again? D’oh!!!). So this is a very long and tedious process indeed. I’ve created two new galleries today, will attempt a third tonight, then will have five more to create in the next few days. Also, I plan to create a blog post about Yangshuo. That will pretty much get me up to date. Ok, enough tech babble.

\<>/ Burning Man started Monday and I am bummed to be missing it. After 6 consecutive years, I’m finally taking a year off. I suppose that’s ok, I’m due. And I certainly wouldn’t trade this experience for a week in the desert. But it would be nice to have a private jet to take me to the playa for the week, then back to Dali. I’ve been searching for streaming radio from the event, but haven’t found anything yet. BMIR was streaming last year, and claims to be streaming right now, but it doesn’t work – at least not in China. Anyway, warm wishes to all my friends on the Playa this year!!! Hope it’s in better condition than last year!

I’m starving, so I’m heading out to find food. Dali has good food, and seems to be cheaper than most places I’ve been in China, but it’s awfully “western” here. I’ll do a separate post on Dali after I leave.