So thanks to the PRC 60th anniversay celebration coming up on the first of October, the government has stopped issuing permits for foreign travellers in Tibet – apparently there is a fear of violent uprising. Of course this wouldn’t be directed at foreigners, but I believe the fear is that this might be witnessed by foreigners. Unfortunately, I just found out that my trip has been cancelled. I suppose it’s some conciliation that Tibet was never really a priority for this trip, but it would have been nice. Also, I have a multiple entry visa for China, so I could book a tour from Nepal if i really wanted to – after the 8th when they start issuing permits to foreigners again. This is yet another reminder of what sort of system China is ruled under. (I hope my site doesn’t get blocked for that statement). Anyway, now I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to get to Tibet – I need to make a decision, cut my losses and fly to Nepal, or head west of here to the “wild west” of China. I need to leave China by Oct. 8 due to my 60 day per visit visa limit, so I’m limited in where I can go now. Looking for a plan C at this point….