Three Hour Flight To A New World (or A Three Hour Tour Of Tibet)

EverestMy flight left from Chengdu and flew to Lhasa. Most of the terrain underneath was barren Tibetian plateau as far as the eye can see. We did fly over a few snowy peaks though. We landed in Lhasa where we exited the plane, went through customs and got our exit stamps from China, then we got right back on the same plane and took off for Kathmandu. The flight from Lhasa was awesome! We flew by Everest, and who knows how many other hundreds of crazy snow capped peaks. From the plane you could see that we were pretty much level with the summit of Everest. I got a ton of pictures, though through the airplane window, they didn’t come out all that great.

Kathmandu: So this place is crazy. Much less developed than cities in China. Way dirtier for sure, but that doesn’t matter much to me. It’s already been hella (that’s for you sf people) easier to travel here – everyone speaks English. The driving is just as crazy, if not crazier, than China, though the honking isn’t nearly as bad. It turns out that a huge country wide festival is starting – Dasain. It’s hard to miss the hundreds of dog fighting kites being flown by kids throughout the city.

I realize that I’ve been using my blog lately as a platform to bitch about stuff – and particularly China. That was not the intention of the site – a bunch of angry rants…. And I shouldn’t bag on China so much. I really enjoyed most of my time there. I met so many friendly Chinese people, as well as travelers along the way, and some of the sites were simply amazing. Yeah, the last couple weeks sucked, but that’s just bad luck. I’m sure I’ll be missing it soon, and will be happy to return. But for now, I’m really stoked to be in Nepal.