Quick Update

Yes, I’m still here in Pokhara, and it’s getting a bit old at this point. I’m getting close to finishing my pictures from the trek around the Annapurnas. I probably could be further along, but I have to remind myself that, technically, I’m on vacation, and the thought of 8 hours on the computer isn’t very appealing. So, I’ve been spending about 4 hours a day working on photos, then sitting in the sun on the roof of my hotel for a while, then heading down to the local watering hole to check out the house band. The hotel has cable with three movie channels – HBO, and two Cinimax stations, so I’ve caught quite a few movies as well. I’m almost becoming a local here.

On another note, I went paragliding the other day and it was really cool. I took an hour long flight, but after about 45 minutes, I’d had enough. Still the views of Pokhara were amazing, and it was cool flying around in the clouds with a parachute.

I hope to finish my pictures in a few days, then get a flight to Kathmandu, and then a flight to Ludha and start the trek to Everest Base Camp. Yeah, I suppose I’m cheating a bit by flying to Lukla, but I need to finish the trek before my visa expires.

So, back to the computer and image processing…