Oh The Humanity!

I’ve been in Bangkok for 15 days, and I’ve started putting ice in my beer!!! What have I become? Apparently, an ice + beer drinking freak like all the locals.

Anyways, I’ve had a great time here, even though it started off rough. The first night I got to Bangkok, I went out on the town, and ended up losing my ATM card. I know where it happened, but by the time I realized it was missing, it was gone. In Nepal all the ATMs are of the “insert and remove quickly” variety. Well here, they are of the insert then “press exit to retrieve your card” type. After a long night on the town, I wasn’t exactly clear headed, so I left my card in the ATM… I’m pretty sure it was eaten by the machine, since nobody has tried to us it. Unfortunately, this time of year, not much gets done in the states, and trying to get a new card has been a challenge. I’m hoping to get one in the mail sometime in the next week.

But on the plus side, I met some really great Thai locals, and have been hanging out with them pretty much the whole time I’ve been here. I met Por at a disco a few nights after my ATM card shenanigan, and have been spending time with her and her friends for the last week and a half. They’ve taken me to big clubs, super small street “pubs” where people sing cheesy Thai pop, and we even went bowling (I lost horribly).

Overall, I really like Bangkok. The area my guest house is in is very very tourisy, but the other parts of the city that I’ve seen are really nice.

So now I’m waiting for my overnight bus to arrive. I’m off to the island of Koh Tao for a 3 day/night new years trance party. Time to get some dance on – finally! I’ll be meeting up with a couple friends from San Francisco.

Oh yes, and I realize that my “Picture of the Day” has not worked out correctly. I’ll need to take some time to fix it, but that probably won’t be until after new years.

Ok, Merry Christmas everybody, and Happy New Years!