Quick Update – BKK

I finally received a new ATM card, to replace the one I lost over a month ago. It took three attempts.

First attempt: the new card was sent via FedEx, but FedEx claimed they couldn’t find the address of my guest house, so they shipped it back to the US. The bank rep said that the address was input incorrectly.

Second attempt: well, it was an attempt by me to have the card re-sent to Bangkok. I called the bank at 8:30am, New York time, the morning of December 24. The representative took all of my information, said that the card would be sent out on the next business day, and that she would email me the FedEx tracking number. I left for Koh Tao the next morning, thinking all was good. I returned to Bangkok after New Years, and still no email, and no card.

Third attempt: I called the bank yet again. Of course there was no record of my call, and no request for a new card had been submitted – attempt 2 was a total waste of time. I guess the rep was in a hurry to leave the office on Christmas Eve. Luckily, the guy on the phone this time actually did his job, and emailed me to confirm the request within an hour after my call. The card was sent, and was waiting for pickup at the FedEx office a few days later.

So now my visa is running up in Thailand. I’m taking a week long trip to Hanoi, Vietnam to meet up with friends. After that I’ll be returning to Bangkok for a few days to obtain an Indian visa, then I’ll be off to India.