Leaving Vietnam

Well Hanoi has been fun. I met up with my friends Maxim & Tomaz for a strange, wild week.

Highlight: The feast at Snake Village. We went to a restaurant and picked out a snake to eat. The snake was butchered at the table, its heart removed and placed in a shot glass. Tomaz had the fortune of eating the fresh heart. The blood was then drained into shot glasses and mixed with vodka. Mmmm warm vodka/blood shots…. The snake was then taken to the kitchen, where they prepared a mighty snake feast.

Lowlights: catching a girl stealing my camera. Well I suppose it would have been far worse if I hadn’t caught her. I got on a scooter taxi to go back to my hostel. The driver slowed down and let a girl get on the scooter behind me. Apparently she was a “friend” who wanted to share the ride. What she really wanted was to rob me. She put her arms around my waist to hold on. Of course this is where my camera case was, on my belt. At some point I reached down to feel my camera – it’s gone. I reached behind me and grabbed her hands just as she’s slipping it into her pocket. I was too tired to start an argument or cause a scene, I just wanted to sleep, so I let it go – after determining that nothing else was missing.