Farewell Thailand, For Now

So I realize that I’ve been a total slacker for the past couple of months with regard to keeping up with the blog, and posting pictures. I hope to start posting more and keeping the blog up to date, now that I’m on the road again.

Well here’s my first post from India, but it’s about Thailand. I haven’t been doing much in Thailand – it’s been sort of a vacation from traveling. The nightlife, while ample in Bangkok, isn’t really my style, and doesn’t do anything for me. Also I realized, after a couple of trips out to the islands down south, that tropical beaches don’t really do anything for me either. I’m just not a “lay around in the sun and sand” kind of person. However, I do plan to return to Thailand in a few months and learn how to scuba. Maybe that will get me more excited about turquoise water and white sand – who knows…

So why, you may ask, did I spend so much time in Bangkok? Well there was an incident involving my ATM card early on that did require several weeks to resolve, but that’s not the main reason. I believe it was my third night in BKK when I met Por at a dance club. How we met is a funny story in itself, but I’ll try to keep this post short. Anyway, we hit it off and have been dating ever since. I have spent most of my time in Thailand with Por and her friends, and it’s been a great experience. It’s nice to go for days and days without interacting with a westerner. Of course that often left me with a blank, confused look because I don’t understand what anyone is saying around me, but Por speaks English well, and always translated for me. Plus I’ve learned a bit of Thai, at least the very basics to get by: “I’m hungry”, “I’m full”, “just a little bit”, “too much”, “hello”/”goodbye”, “thanks”, etc.

I flew out of Bangkok yesterday morning, and it was tough. While I don’t really miss Thailand yet, and I’m really excited to be in India, I do really miss Por, and the Thai friends I’ve met.