Goa & Trance

Greetings from Anjuna – possibly hippy capital of India. Anjuna is located in the west coastal state of Goa, the smallest state of India. Goa is an old Portuguese territory, and there is still a big influence – according to the 2001 census, 26% of the population is Christian, and old churches can be seen everywhere. In the 60’s hippies invaded northern Goa, and Anjuna was major in the scene.

In addition to, or more likely because of, the hippy culture here, this area is the birthplace of psychedelic & Goa trance music, which is the main reason I came here. If you haven’t heard it, you can check some samples on this very informative site: Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music

The highlight of my visit to both Mumbai & Pune was seeing Goa Gil, my favorite DJ, play a show in each city. Unfortunately, he only played for four hours each night. This is a huge change from his parties in California, where he plays out in the forest, and plays a non-stop set for 24 – 27 hours (27 hours was the longest set I’ve seen him do). That’s right, he plays intense – sometimes frightening – psychedelic trance music for 24+ hours straight. No breaks in the music (he has a porta-potty offstage so he doesn’t need to go far. I’m also proud to say that I’ve never slept at a Gil party. The way I see it, if he’s up there on stage playing, I have the obligation to be awake listening and dancing. I’ve now seen him play in California, Mexico, and India.

Well it’s mid-March, and I have come to Goa on the tail end of the season, so psy parties are becoming fewer – in fact, I’ve not heard of a party yet. I hope to catch a few before I head North to the Kumbh Mela