Heading for Delhi

Well It’s been nice sitting around by day near the beach, reading and catching up on podcasts. Nights have been quiet and early for me mostly, with a few trance parties here and there. Most parties end at 10pm, so even those nights have been early. But there have been a couple all-nighters at Club West End. But I am ready to get out of Goa and see something new, and I have a long train journey to look forward to. I leave Friday afternoon around 3:30pm and arrive in Delhi on Sunday morning, 6:00am.

In preparation for the trip, I gathered up a bunch of items I’ve been carrying around with me for months, and that I either have never used, or hardly ever used, and took them down to the India Post in Mapusa – the closest real town. I shipped almost 5 kilos worth of stuff back to the States. More important than the weight is the space it frees up in my packs, which were becoming difficult to close.

The process was interesting – first there is a woman seated at a table on the sidewalk outside the post office, with a bunch of old cardboard boxes, a vintage looking sewing machine, and a huge pile of white cloth material. In order for a parcel to be shipped via India Post, it must be wrapped in the white cloth with all the seams sewn shut, and the address written on the cloth. The woman packs up the box for you, and sews it shut. Next, you fill ou the customs papers (2 copies), and go find a photo copy shop down the street to get two copies of your passport. Finally, you go inside the post office with your wrapped parcel, and it’s pretty much the same as any post office experience in the U.S. – you stand in line and wait while the postal workers behind the counter attempt to work as slowly as possible.

There is one notable exception, and that is that many Indians, just like many Chinese, do not recognize, understand, or respect the concept of a queued line, and shove their way right up to the counter, seemingly oblivious to everyone else standing in line. And just as in China, the counter clerk doesn’t mind, and proceeds to help that person next.

So now the prep is done, and I’m looking forward to a change of pace. I’ll be meeting friends from Pune early in April, then I’ll be meeting friends from San Francisco mid-April. After that, I’ll be starting my big adventure. More about that later.