Cashed In My Chips, Tapped Out, Threw In The Towel — Out Of India!

Greetings from Bangkok, again. I moved my flight up and flew to Thailand early to get out of Delhi. I can say that it is the most irritating place I have ever been in my life. And I feel the same about much of India – well the places I’ve visited anyways. To be fair, I did like Goa, but as most Indians say, “Goa is not India”.

Instead of going off on some long rant about all the things I hated about Delhi, and India (believe me it would be a long rant), I’ll list some of the positive things that happened while I was there.

I met up with Madhu, Raj, and Santosh, the three guys I hiked the Annapurna Circuit with in Nepal. We met in Bombay then drove over to their home town of Pune. I stayed with Santosh and his mom for a few days, then stayed with Madhu and his parents for a few days. It was great to stay with friendly locals, and both Santosh’s mom, and Madhu’s mom kept me extremely well fed with great home cooked vegetarian Indian food.

Relaxing in Goa was a nice experience, but it was a bit too quiet for me. I met my friend Luiza in Goa, and she showed me around the place. If or when I return to India, Goa will absolutely be on my itinerary.

I met an extremely nice family on my 39 hour train journey from Goa to Delhi. While they spoke very little English, they insisted on feeding me the whole trip with home cooked food they had brought with them for the trip. I was stuffed the entire time….

I met another friendly family on my train journey from Hardiwar to Delhi. The group of three young kids, and a college student all spoke English very well, and kept me company the whole trip.

In Delhi, I met a super cool girl named Zanskar, who introduced me to her friends and let me stay at her place on my last night in India, so I didn’t have to deal with another terrible Delhi hotel. I’m very grateful for her hospitality, and I probably would have gone crazy if I had had to deal with finding yet another hotel room among the countless roach motels of Delhi.