Site Changes

Ok, it’s been far too long since my last post, and so so much has happened since I left Hardiwar. But this isn’t a catch up post, that will come soon.

This is just a quick update to say that, first, I’ve made it back safely to Thailand, where it’s beautiful, and not even all that hot – only 33c (91 F) by day, and mostly sunny (I’d prefer rain though). Secondly, I’m making a few changes to the site. I’ve gotten rid of users – there really was no real need to create a user account anyway. The only reason I set the site up that way in the first place was in an attempt to prevent bots from posting ads as comments. That didn’t work, bots are perfectly able to create user accounts and post ads on my site. I’ve spent quite a bit of time deleting fake users, and deleting advertisements from this site. It seems a bit silly, since I don’t get many comments on the site anyway. Therefore, I’ve disabled comments on the site as well. If you’re inspired to comment about something I’ve posted, feel free to send me a message. Also, I’ve separated the daily photos from my blog posts – it makes it much easier to find the posts, and I see how blog posts get buried under a stack of photos (thanks Zul, for pointing that one out).

Oh yes, and I’ve heard loud and clear, I need to write more. I’m working on it. I’ll be making more posts – yes, I’ve been slacking since I set up the daily photo system….