Bonus Rant!

I fear there hasn’t been enough anger expressed in my posts lately, so here’s a little exerpt from my personal journal today. Enjoy.

02/08/2010 – 14:10 – BB Cafe:
So, I’m not sure why, but I’m still surprised by the rudeness of some people. The German couple at the hostel were supposed to leave on their tour at 08:00 this morning. They set their alarm for 07:30, like everyone else in the room, except the farting guy. All the alarms in the room went off a roughly the same time. Everyone hits snooze, except the Finnish guy in the bunk above me, who didn’t even hear his. I was already awake, and watched as the scene unfolded – four alarms go off, three snooze, one keeps ringing, and the farting guy across the room is clearly agitated, repeat 8 minutes later – haha… But that is besides the point.

The thing that blew my mind is that the German couple didn’t wake up until after 8, and then they started to PACK! First of all, they each had two massive backpacks – fine, that’s cool, but what I can’t figure out is how, in the one night they stayed here, they managed to unpack so much crap. Second, and more importantly, who the hell waits until the morning they’re leaving to pack their bags? It’s one thing if you’re in a private room, but when you’re in a dorm room where other people are trying to sleep, and you turn on the lights, make a huge amount of noise moving stuff, packing stuff, zipping and unzipping packs, you’re either A) completely self centered, and clueless about the people around you, or B) you’re a total asshole.┬áMy guess, after meeting the couple the night before, is that they fall into the first category.

After staying in countless dorm rooms over the past year, I can tell you that this happens ALL THE TIME! People are idiots, but that’s why the dorm is cheap.

Am I a freak for being completely packed and ready to go the night before? Am I weird because I wake up without hitting snooze on my alarm, do not turn the lights on in the room, and try to exit as quietly as possible? Apparently I am.

Maybe tonight I will eat a couple cans of refried beans, set my alarm for 04:00, and put in my earplugs. If I do hear the alarm, I’ll be sure to yawn loudly, stumble to the light switch and turn it on, then hit snooze on the alarm, flop back in bed, fart loudly, and pass out. Repeat every 8 minutes after that…

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