Greetings From Not So Sunny Senggigi

Well I’m still here…. I’ve been stuck in this small town for about ten days I believe, though it’s not really a bad place to be stuck. The reason I’ve been here so long is that I’m flat broke, and can’t leave. Due to a blunder on my part, and bad timing, I ran out of money, temporarily.

When I got to Lombok, I knew I was getting low on funds and needed to sell more shares of stock to recharge the batteries. At the same time, I was planning the Rinjani trek, and one morning I suddenly had a ride to the mountain, but it was leaving at that moment (very early). I ASSUMED (always bad) that where I was heading, Sapit, was a standard launch point for the trek, and therefore would cater to foreign trekkers, i.e., the town would have at least one internet cafe and one ATM.

Well I assumed wrong. The little village of Sapit has no stores, no banks, no ATM, no internet. It doesn’t even have stable electricity throughout the day. The closest ATM is about a half hour drive away, and who knows where any internet can be found around there. Luckily, I had enough in the bank to cover the trek, my accommodation in Sapit, and transport back to Senggigi. The manager of the guest house drove me to the ATM, and all was good.

Fast forward to Senggigi. I put the order in to sell stock about ten days ago. It took three business days to process. As soon as that went through, I put in the transfer to my checking account. This also takes three business days to process. Unfortunately, I put the transfer in after US business hours on Friday – D’oh! So I’ve just been here waiting and waiting and waiting, and have had zero cash for about a week now, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the transfer goes through tonight.

Of course this doesn’t mean I’m starving, far from it. Actually I’ve been eating much better than I have for a long time because I’m living off my credit card until my bank transfer goes through. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the only place in town that accepts credit cards is a fancy restaurant that serves fantastic, though pricy, food. This place also has free wifi, so I’ve got everything I need here. My hotel doesn’t charge me until I check out, so I’ve got a bed to sleep in. All is good, but sitting around for so long doing nothing is starting to drive me crazy. Not to mention, this debacle will have cost me about two weeks of my two months in Indonesia – time wasted…. Oh well, live and learn I suppose.