And Just Like That…

…everything works out. Not two hours after my last post, the bank transfer finally went through.

So the lesson here is that if you plan to travel in a developing country, keep a close eye on your finances, plan things well ahead of time, always have a backup plan, and definitely carry enough emergency cash to last a while. I got lucky with having a restaurant here that accepts credit cards. If there wasn’t one here, things would not have been good.

Normally I carry two ATM cards, each from a different bank, two credit cards, also from different banks, and about 150 US dollars worth of cash. Unfortunately one of my ATM cards expired, and one of my credit cards was cancelled because of “suspicious activity” (apparently monthly donations to Greenpeace are viewed as suspicious…). New cards were issued for each account, and they are both sitting safely in the US, which doesn’t do me much good over here.

So anyway, things are back on track, and I’ll be heading back to Bali soon.