Category: Chengdu

A Ray of Coolness

After all the bullshit. that has happened in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling pretty down – and a bit pissed off at this point. Anyways, this evening I stripped my packs down to assess what things I still have, and repack before heading to the airport tomorrow. In doing so I ran across the card everyone gave…

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Farewell Slap In The Face

Ah my last few hours in China, and someone has stolen my internet tablet from the restaurant of the hostel. I set it on the table and got up to speak to someone at another table, forgot and went downstairs, and by the time I realized and went back upstairs, it was gone. Since there was nobody else around, I…

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So thanks to the PRC 60th anniversay celebration coming up on the first of October, the government has stopped issuing permits for foreign travellers in Tibet – apparently there is a fear of violent uprising. Of course this wouldn’t be directed at foreigners, but I believe the fear is that this might be witnessed by foreigners. Unfortunately, I just found…

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