Category: Tunxi

Heading Out of Tunxi

I’ve been in this town for 5 days now and it’s past time to get moving. I’ll be boarding a train heading to Nánchāng – a city southwest of here in the Jiāngxī province at about 9pm tonight. It’s a 9 hour trip, so I hope I’m able to get some sleep. The rain has finally mellowed out here, but…

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Waiting for Better Weather

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m going to spend the day hanging out in Tunxi. I was originally planning to head up to Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain), but the weather has not cooperated. The whole region is getting rained on. However, the weather report indicates that it will be mostly cloudy tomorrow, with only a slight chance of rain, then rain…

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Chillin’ In Tunxi

Currently it’s about 12:30pm Sunday and I’m waiting for my laundry to dry. Good time to play catchup on this blog thingy. While I’m waiting, I’m enjoying two different kinds of Lay’s potato chips that I purchased at the store next door to the hostel — Italian Red Meat flavor, and, from the “Natural & Cool” line, Blueberry flavor. I…

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